Changes in New Medicine

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We are pleased to inform you about the changes that “New Medicine” is currently undergoing.
A section on pediatric otolaryngology has been present in “New Medicine” from the beginning of its existence. We are pleased to inform you that we have now decided to transform our journal. “New Medicine” 3/2017, planned to be issued in September 2017, will be the first issue devoted entirely to pediatric otolaryngology. We believe that due to a scarcity of pediatric ENT journals (with only a single pediatric ENT journal having an Impact Factor), our journal will provide the much needed place for discussion for the specialists all over the world.
Moreover, from the number 2/2017, our journal will be published bilingually, in Polish and English – which will help us reach the maximal amount of clinicians and scientists from around the globe, as well as to distribute our journal locally to Polish clinicians.