No. 1/2014

N e w M e d i c i n e 1/2014

Original papers

Analysis of physical activity in preschool children from Piła. Part 1. Ordinary and additional physical activity and favourite ways of spending leisure time
Wojciech Chalcarz, Sylwia Merkiel – s. 3-11
Analysis of physical activity in preschool children from Piła. Part 2. Motor skills, sports equipment and parents’ attitude towards physical activity
Sylwia Merkiel, Wojciech Chalcarz – s. 12-18
Hyperlipidemy in patients with major depressive disorder is associated with less severe depressive symptoms
Dominika Berent, Agata Orzechowska, Marian Macander – s. 19-23

Case report

Caput medusae in alcoholic liver disease – case report
Konrad Wroński, – s. 24-25
Prophylactic gastroenterostomy in patient with unresectable pancreatic head cancer – case report
Konrad Wroński, – s. 26-28

Regional studies on health science
Original papers

An educational model of glucose homeostasis in diabetes mellitus
Mihály Dió, Tibor Deutsch, Judit Mèszáros – s. 29-32
The effects of functional balance training on balance, functional mobility, muscle strength, aerobic endurance and quality of life among community-living elderly people: a controlled pilot study
Csilla Kata Karóczi, Lászlónè Mèszáros, Ádám Jakab, Ágnes Korpos, Éva Kovács, Tibor Gondos – s. 33-38

Review papers

Complex assessment of the post-operative state and life quality in patients operated for herniated disc
Julianna Rozália Sallai, Gèza Bálint, Gábor Ormos – s. 39-41

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