new medicineis a medical scientific journal on the field of otolaryngology and pediatric otolaryngology that is issued four times a year. It has been published continuously from 1996. From September 2019 to April 2021, the journal also publishes articles on dentistry and pediatric dentistry.

Our aim is to enable the authors from all over the world to present their results in a renowned scientific journal, while at the same time reaching a broad public of practicing otolaryngology and pediatric otolaryngology. In this way, we combine the prestige of a renowned medical journal with the need of medical scientists to reach clinicians and to see their science applied in clinical practice.

Currently, the journal is being published both electronically and in print, with the online version being the primary. As we aim to remove all barriers in the way of science, we share all our articles for free in the online version, enabling all scientists and clinicians all over the world to learn from the studies published in the journal.

new medicinearticles are indexed in numerous scientific databases, including Google Scholar, SCOPUS and the database of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (140 points). Moreover, New Medicine is sent to national and medical libraries in several countries all over the world and to selected libraries and institutions in Poland. It is digitally indexed in the Polish National Library. It is also distributed on international and national medical conferences.

Our Scientific Board consists of best otolaryngology and pediatric otolaryngology specialists from all over the world.

To provide high-quality editing work, language assistance and coordination of the review process while enabling the free access to the articles to the public, fees from the authors are requested.

Details of publication are included in the Guide for Contributors.

e-ISSN 1731-2507
p-ISSN 1427-0994

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