23nd International Conference on Cardiology





Ladies and Gentelmen,

Dear Colleagues and Friends

Welcome to Zabrze at our 23nd International Conference on Cardiology and 17th Interventional Cardiology Workshop, at 7th Polish-Ukrainian Heart Surgery Forum.

This year, our meeting has an exceptional nature and course. In 2016, Silesian Center for Heart Diseases,
a high-tech adult and paediatric center for diagnosis and treatment of heart, lung and cardiovascular diseases celebrates its 31th anniversary of activity.

This Jubilee year, we meet here, in Multikino, in Zabrze – a group of Polish and foreign adult and paediatric cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, anaesthesiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, angiologists, diabetologists, pulmonologists, and radiologists to jointly discuss new opportunities in diagnosis and treatment in paediatric and adult heart, lung and vascular diseases.

The main topic of this year’s conference is new technologies, the use of nanomedicine and telemedicine in everyday practice, new solutions in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and lung diseases. In response to a special request from medical and nursing community, the conference will also give a special attention to the matters of acute and chronic heart failure – a growing problem and clinical, social, organizational and economical challenge for those who treat, and those who organize the treatment in Poland and all over the world. In this international group of experts, so called “heart team”, we will discuss, among others, the optimal heart failure treatment methods in 21st century, diagnostic traps or modern pharmacotherapy in cardiac failure.

Experts’ sessions, involving prominent doctors of medicine and scientists from Poland and abroad, will cover the field of mechanical circulatory support in cardiogenic shock, and acute and chronic heart failure. The discussion on modern possibilities of treatment of severe heart and lung failure aims at presentation of new opportunities to save patients with the use of achievements in pharmacotherapy, heart transplantation, lung transplantation, as well as new technological devices, temporarily replacing these organs.

An extensive time in the conference program will be devoted to the advances in angiology, cardiovascular and endovascular surgery, modern radiology (including hi-tech diagnosis and treatment of aneurysms), new approaches to the treatment of acute stroke and atherosclerosis. The attendance in the conference was confirmed by prominent experts from Poland and all over the world. The lectures will be accompanied by the video transmission of procedures from Silesian Center of Heart Diseases.

In Poland, we observe the growth of role, significance and competence of nursing staff in modern health care system. Therefore, a special time in the program is devoted to the session on these new tasks of modern nursing care and its role in heart, lung and vascular diseases, with the special attention to the growing group of elderly patients, with intercurrent diseases, prepared in cooperation with the Department of Nurses and Midwives in the Ministry of Health and The District Chamber of Nurses and Midwives in Katowice and Opole. This is the time when, we breezily open new forms of specialization in this profession and entrust to a well trained nurse new competence.

Prevention in heart and vascular diseases as well as health promotion is a fast expanding task, also for
a long awaited in our country and introduced by Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz and Health Minister Bartosz Arłukowicz Act on Public Health. This is the issue which naturally gathers an increasing attention and concern, thus we reflected this problem also in the program of our conference.

This year we also planned a special session dedicated to nutrition, prepared with collaboration of doctors of medicine and experts in the field of rehabilitation and nutrition from Research Institute Sebastianeum Silesiacum in Kamień Śląski.

During the, 16th Interventional Cardiology Workshop, organized within the Conference in cooperation with Association of Cardiovascular Interventions PTK, we will discuss the essential issues in heart failure, structural diseases as well as the latest innovations in interventional cardiology. An inherent part of the workshop is the video transmission of procedures performed in Hemodynamic Laboratory at the Silesian Center for Heart Diseases.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Jubilees delight us, but what is more important, also commit us. Think of this 31th anniversary as of our mutual Jubilee: founded 31 years ago by outstanding pioneers: Dr. Lily Goldstein, a paediatric cardiologist, Prof. Stanisław Pasyk, a cardiologist, Prof. Jan Wodniecki, a cardiologist and Prof. Zbigniew Religa, a cardiac surgeon, transplantologist. It was thanks to their initiative that this modern Center of cardiology, cardiac surgery and transplantology was created and continued by their co-workers and students. We are proud to say that this hard work has been fruitful; one of these fruit is this meeting in Zabrze. Taking opportunity, we would like to thank you for our cooperation for all these years, for our mutual efforts and endeavours to further dynamic development of Polish modern cardiovascular medicine.

Wishing you fruitful and pleasant time in Zabrze,

On behalf of Organizing Committee,

 Prof. Mariusz Gąsior

Chairman, MKK Organizing Committee

Prof. dr hab. med. Marian Zembala

Director, Silesian Center for Heart Diseases