9th International DIP Symposium on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome & Pregnancy of which Maternal Medicine meets Fetal Medicine

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is with great pleasure to announce and to invite you to attend the 9th International DIP Symposium on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome & Pregnancy of which Maternal Medicine meets Fetal Medicine. The Symposium will take place March 8-12, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

The 9th DIP Symposium aims to bring to the forefront matters of invention, innovation, ultimately leading to “winnovation” solutions in Maternal and Fetal Medicine. The Symposium will draw from its previous Symposia and develop further and cover even in greater detail the updates and educational needs of healthcare providers in aspects related to their practice of medicine and the mother and fetus.

From the 1st meeting, the DIP Symposium has grown tremendously, dealing with over 80 years of knowledge, innovative research and the most up-to-date tools, techniques and integrative approach. With over 1300 participants from more than 70 countries worldwide, DIP is now considered a leading symposium in the field of maternal and fetal medicine, presenting data and management protocols to ensure the optimal outcome of pregnancies complicated by diabetes, hypertension and metabolic syndrome.

The 9th installment of the DIP Symposium will include a faculty comprised of renowned professionals and practitioners from all over the world. Presentations on the most updated clinical and laboratory revolutions, evidence based and from practical experience. Covering all relevant issues in maternal and fetal medicine, ranging from diabetes to advanced fetal imaging, from maternal to new tools in prenatal diagnosis, offering a comprehensive update on all relevant aspects by renowned and world leading experts. – creating an environment for DIP participants to take away applied solutions in to their daily practices.

The DIP Symposium brings to the forefront and insight to the issues faced with Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome & Pregnancy. The field of diabetes and pregnancy has come of age; from the inception of the terminology ‘gestational diabetes’ and ‘diabetes in pregnancy’ to the creation of an entire sub-specialty. This currently includes not only abnormal carbohydrate metabolism and diabetes, but all other risk factors and complications related to obesity, metabolic syndrome, hypertension and pregnancy.

This symposium documents the ‘gestation’ of the field. Additionally, controversial topics, such as screening and diagnosis, prediction and prevention, and the use of new technologies in perinatal medicine will be discussed in detail. This will allow participants to formulate a modus operandi through evidence provided by the presenting experts.

Innovations connected to perinatal research on Whole Genome Sequencing, NIPT, small RNA’s, Metabolomics and Microbiota will be discussed at length at the Symposium.

Barcelona – the metropolis nudged between the mountain scape and the sea was chosen as the host of the 9th DIP Symposium, due to its concoction of ultimate architecture, art, history, and Catalonia culture. Bringing a vibrant blend of history, gothic nuances and modernism, laying way for a foundation of inspiration, creativity for a dynamic and valuable scientific symposium.

We look forward to your participation and hope that you will contribute to the scientific program by submitting your abstracts.

With best wishes and hoping to see you in Barcelona!


Moshe Hod, Israel | Gian Carlo Di Renzo, Italy | Eduard Gratacos, Spain
Luis Cabero Roura, Spain | Alberto De Leiva, Spain
Symposium Presidents